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Blacksmith's Corner
An old fasion feed store is a great place to get supplies for you best friend.
17647 Lakewood Blvd.
Bellflower, CA 90706


Golden Retrievers
New site starting, Golden breeders and rescues can get a free listing. if you have a golden webpage or site you can join the Golden webring. You can also post a photo of you favorite golden for review and possible inclusion in the site.

protection dogs and k9 training

For those who have lost their loving pet
The Urnist
(562) 498-5801

3519 Wilton Street
Long Beach, CA 90804

Now you can keep the wonderful memories alive through my beautiful custom
pet urns.

Hot Bows
2892 Bellflower Blvd, #416
Long Beach CA 90815
Hot Bows are designed to be whimsical, trendy, and fun. Today’s hip and trendy dogs can proudly wear bows that bring out their inner puppy! Simply Bow-tiful hair bows!

Pet PhotoPros
Long Beach, CA 90803
Hilarious Dog Portraits!
Dandelight Productions
2055 E. 3rd St. #6
Long Beach, CA 90814
I offer custom biographies of you and your dogs. Everything is done in the comfort of your home and takes up only a small portion of your day. I will ask you some prompted questions and you simply answer in whatever way is most enjoyable to you. You may also use as many photos as you like, as it will add to the overall viewing experience in the final product. I use only superior quality DVD's and materials with the delivery of your finished biography and it usually takes about two weeks for me to make my return visit. All of my clients have (extremely) ecstatic responses upon viewing their biography and typically find themselves laughing and crying with overwhelming joy at finally having a truly unique and wonderful story to call their own and share with family and friends.


Ambulance company has gone to the dogs.

Animal Ambulance, Inc. offers new pet transportation in Long Beach, CA. Routine and emergency transportation is provided for pets going to airports, grooming, kennels, scheduled veterinarian appointments, or emergency clinics.

This service is perfect for seniors who have trouble driving or cannot lift their pet. The service has also proved popular with the working pet owner who needs to get their pet to an appointment, but cannot take the time off from work.

In addition to routine transportation, the company also provides 24 hour Emergency Service. A custom built pet ambulance, complete with backboards, medical supplies, and oxygen is available to get a pet quickly and safely to emergency attention. Transportation and emergency field care can be given to any small mammal, bird, reptile, cat or dog in Long Beach. Scheduled transportation prices start as low as $25. For more information Website www.MyPet2Vet.com
Contact Gary Reeves
Tel 714-995-3512 Email gary@MyPet2Vet.com gary@MyPet2Vet.com


Chuck & Toby
Tasty Treats for Pets
191 Park Avenue
Belmont Shore, CA 90803
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Pet Photography
Heidi J. Schoenemann

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